Wrongful Termination

Most employees are employed “at-will,” meaning they can be terminated for any reason, with certain exceptions. For instance, you cannot be fired based on age, race, religion, disability, or other protected classes. Additional exceptions include employment contracts, termination due to military duty, or taking qualified medical leave. Some states offer broader worker protections beyond federal law.

Employers rarely admit to firing employees for these prohibited reasons, so it’s crucial to hire an experienced employment attorney to investigate your case and determine if any violations occurred. An attorney can inform you of your rights under federal law and your state’s specific laws. Claims have strict time limits, so if you believe you have a wrongful termination claim, contact an attorney today.

If you have been a victim of employment discrimination, contact us to evaluate your claim. We can determine if you have a strong case and advise you on whether to file in state or federal court.

To address unlawful discrimination, a court may require your employer to compensate you for lost income or damages, or to reinstate your position.

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